Hear What Clients Just Like You Are Saying:

"I started working with Beckie in October 2019. I was not doing my best mentally and physically. I was constantly eating fast food and drinking soda all day long. I was hardly sleeping at night and could barely focus. 

When I had my first appointment with Beckie, I knew I made the right decision in who I would be working with the next few months. As soon as I walked into Beckie’s space, it was so comfortable and relaxing with soft rhythms in the background. We sat down and talked for a while over warm tea and discussed what we would be accomplishing over the next few months. It was a challenge for me in the beginning to live in a holistic way but now I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Fast forward to January 2020, and I am finally starting to feel better and do things that help my body. I have started drinking a smoothie in the morning when I use to never have breakfast. I have stopped drinking soda and drink water and tea mostly. I have cut out a ton of processed food and have been incorporating fresh whole foods into my diet. I started practicing yoga and going back to the gym along with daily journaling. 

If it hasn’t been for Beckie, I would still be a lost cause. Beckie is a wonderful, magical, and kind soul. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone to help them live a more lovely and healthy lifestyle." 

~Candi F.

"I reached out to Beckie for help during a spiritual journey and it was no accident! Finally, I found someone who understood that my mind, body and spirit work in unison. After following Beckie's holistic, unorthodox treatment plan for a few weeks, I felt such a difference in my quality of life! Her warm, happy nature makes every encounter a positive one and I’m blessed to call Beckie a friend. She opened me up to so many opportunities for growth and I’m forever grateful!" 

~Brianna F.

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